Back on Track® was established in Sweden in 2000 by a Swedish medical doctor to sell therapeutic Horse, Human, and Dog products made from a functional fabric called Welltex®. Welltex® represented years of exploration, research, and innovation blending ancient Chinese healing knowledge with hi tec fabric innovation. Welltex® was one of the first therapeutic fabrics created through the fusion of ceramic minerals with fabric thread. It was at the forefront of a functional fabric revolution that is now sweeping across the textile industry. 

Welltex® established a foothold in the Equine industry as top industry players recognized the amazing therapeutic results in their horses. As the product moved across the Atlantic to North America growth in the Equine industry continued as Western discipline practitioners were introduced to Welltex®

Simultaneously Welltex® was making inroads in the Human and Dog therapeutic fabric industry. Testimonials about the Welltex® effect along with continuous product development and design innovation continued to fuel Back on Track®’s market growth and brand awareness. 

Today, Back on Track® is recognized as an industry leader.