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Which Cooling Products Are Right For My Dog?

by | Apr 3, 2023 | News

As summer approaches, it’s important to keep our furry friends cool and comfortable in the heat. While we may have access to air conditioning and cold drinks, dogs rely on us to provide them with relief from the sweltering temperatures.

There are a variety of cooling products on the market designed specifically for dogs. But with so many options available, how do you know which one is right for your pet? In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Cool On Track™ products for dogs and help you make an informed decision to keep your pup cool and happy this summer.

What is Cool On TrackTM

Cool On Track™ is a brand that offers a range of cooling products designed specifically for dogs. These cooling products are made with high-quality materials and are based on the latest scientific research to provide effective cooling and comfort for pets in hot weather.

Cool On TrackTM Products For Dogs

Some of the best summer canine products lauded by consumers and vets alike include: 

Cooling Towel

Cooling Dog Coat

Cooling Bandana

Cooling Towel

A Cooling Towel or Mat can be placed over the dog or used as a cooling surface for it to lie down on. Dogs seek out cool surfaces when it’s hot because their fur is thinner on their stomachs, which have superficial blood vessels that lie just below the skin’s surface. Cooling the dog’s stomach will help lower the core temperature. Your dog will appreciate this towel.   

The Cool On Track™ Dog Cooling Mat is easy to use and convenient to take with you on outings and trips. All you need is access to water. Soak the towel, squeeze out excess liquid, and use it to give coolness to your dog. The material cools as long as it remains damp. Keep the towel wet to maintain the refreshing effect throughout the day.

Cooling Dog Coat

A Dog Coat made from the Cool on Track™ material cools a large part of the dog’s body and protects the back from the strong sun. It absorbs large amounts of water, which then evaporates through the outer layer of the product, made from a mesh material. The Cooling Dog Coat will retain its cooling ability as long as it remains damp, and can be reused by soaking it again.

A Cooling Coat is designed to keep your dog’s core temperature regulated, even on the hottest days. Cool On Track™ Dog Cooling Coat is lightweight and adjustable for a comfortable fit.

It is made to be dampened and then worn by your dog. The water will slowly evaporate, similar to sweat, so you will need to rehydrate the cooling gear as needed. This is easily done with a water bottle, or under the tap.

Cooling Bandana 

The Cooling Dog Bandana acts as a pleasant cooling wrap around the neck and throat, where the dog has superficial blood vessels. It’s a great option for dogs who don’t like wearing vests or coats but still need some relief from the heat.

The Cool On Track™ Bandana is made from the same cooling material as the other products and is easy to use in any situation. All you have to do is soak it in water, squeeze out excess liquid, and put the bandana around the dog’s neck. Your dog will experience a comfortable feeling of refreshment. 

Note: The material cools as long as it is damp and you can easily wet it again to maintain the effect throughout the day.

Why Cool On Track Products Are The Right Choice?

The Cool on Track™ collection has already made a very real difference in many dogs’ daily lives during the hottest days of summer.

Dogs cannot regulate their body temperature by sweating like humans do. Instead, they pant. But sometimes, even that is not enough for them to evacuate excess heat, especially if they have a long or dense coat that insulates the body.

Here are some reasons why Cool on Track™ products are the right choice:

  • Technical Cool on Track™ material: Cool on Track™️ is a technical, cooling material with very high absorbency, that lowers body temperature by about 6°C through water evaporation. 
  • Efficient evaporation of water: An outside layer made of a durable mesh fabric with large meshes allows for efficient evaporation of water and preserves the shape of the product.
  • Contains no chemicals: Cool on Track™ products are a safe and chemical-free option for cooling your dog, making it a great choice for pets with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • No need for a freezer: Unlike other cooling products that require access to a freezer, Cool on Track™ products can be used anytime and anywhere with just water.
  • Easy to use: A product made from this material is soaked in water, and once excess liquid is squeezed out, it is ready for use. The material will retain its cooling ability as long as it remains wet. The product can be reused by simply soaking it again.   

Cool on Track™ can help dogs stay comfortable, alert and well even during a heat wave. They also reduce the risk of severe overheating and heatstroke. The products are designed to cool the dog where it is most effective.

Although the products were developed with dogs in mind, they are just as effective and refreshing for your cats, your kids, and yourself! 


Keeping your furry friends cool and comfortable during the summer months is crucial for their well-being. With so many options available, choosing the right cooling product for your dog can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality and effective Cool On Track™ products for dogs, which are safe, chemical-free, and easy to use. From cooling vests to towels, dog coats, and bandanas, we’ve got everything you need to keep your furry friends cool and happy this summer.

At Back On Track Canada, we provide free shipping on all orders above $100 and a 12-month factory warranty as well. So Visit our website and get your Cool On Track™ products today!

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