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Valentine’s Day: Not Just for Knock-Kneed Sweethearts Anymore

by | Feb 8, 2021 | News

If you have been anywhere near a greeting card display recently, your eyes doubtless fell upon a vast, screaming wall of pink hearts and unicorns and starbursts loudly heralding the arrival of Valentine’s Day.

Despite the occasion’s unrelenting fuchsia assault, the messaging behind Valentine’s Day has, in recent years at least, become increasingly diverse, championing not just affection between lovers but also between friends, pets, and siblings.

There’s even what might be termed humorous and/or subversive missives aimed at co-workers, service personnel (dog walkers, baristas, babysitters), children… the list is endless. Which raises the question: what does Valentine’s Day mean these days? And what should it mean to you?

More to the point: Has this manufactured and rigidly marketed occasion changed to reflect our current reality, which understands that any being capable of consistently inspiring happiness and a sense of well-being in someone else — be they two- or four-legged, romantic or platonic — is worth acknowledging?

It would appear “because they love you, love them back” is a solid motto to live by and one that even marketers are game to run with. It certainly would be nice to think that anyone involved in the Valentine’s Day industry, be they florists, chocolatiers, greeting card designers or jewelers, is on board with the notion of spreading love as far and wide as it can possibly go.

This more inclusive approach also allows for and recognizes that, for many people, Valentine’s Day is a potential minefield of sadness. Anyone experiencing their first Valentine’s Day after the loss of a loved one or in the aftermath of a painful break-up can now channel their grief into something positive via a kind gesture towards Fido, Fluffy, Flash of Light or even Fred the afternoon bus driver who always cracks a joke.

This is also 2021. And everyone on Earth is waist-deep in a sinister, shape-shifting, and deeply entrenched pandemic which has cost virtually everyone on the planet (tech billionaires notwithstanding) something precious: a job, a business, savings, a long-dreamed-of holiday, a once-in-a-lifetime bar mitzvah, a grand wedding —or worse, much worse.

It’s safe to say the whimsy of Valentine’s Day of years past seems positively quaint viewed through the lens of this year. The stakes are just too high, and everyone left standing is just too important not to acknowledge, even if we can’t share a hug or a kiss or a restaurant dinner. Especially because we can’t share a hug or a kiss or a restaurant dinner.

Back on Track’s core has always been about bringing comfort and healing via functional, analgesic ceramic textile called Welltex® which works via Infrared Radiation developed in 2000 by a medical doctor to help ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation, and aid in shortening the recovery process in both people and animals. 

The link between Back on Track and Valentine’s Day thus seems obvious and intuitive if, admittedly, a tad convenient. Still, we genuinely believe there has never been a better time to share our unique, restorative product line with cherished animals and humans who would benefit not just on February 14 but all year long.

Nothing says love quite like relief.

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