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by | Feb 8, 2023 | News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — In what can only be described as an uncommonly fitting union, Back on Track Canada — internationally recognized makers of health-promoting garments and accessories for animals and humans — has partnered with Ned’s Wish to bring comfort and joy to K-9 retirees in Canada.

A first-of-its-kind, the new partnership sees Back on Track Canada donating items from its exceptional product line of clothing and accessories infused with a functional, analgesic mineral textile called Welltex® and Iontex® to the non-profit Ned’s Wish, which has been supporting retired police and military dogs in medical crisis since 2019.

To date, the 100-percent volunteer-run, Alberta-based Ned’s Wish has helped 125 dogs lead better post-service lives, covering nearly $120,000 in veterinary bills and helping dogs successfully transition from work on the front lines to well-deserved rest in forever homes. Currently, Ned’s Wish has 145 dogs registered in its program, and is actively supporting 89 dogs.

“Ned’s Wish is an extraordinary organization doing much-needed and very valuable work on behalf of retired four-legged heroes,” says Tobi Simms, country manager for Back on Track Canada. “Our donation will depend on the need of the dog. What’s needed might be a mesh rug or a dog bed. We will evaluate what’s best for an individual dog, and work on a dog-by-dog basis.”

Due to the cost of health care for retired police or military dogs, the potential to enjoy retirement can quite literally rest on a dime. If health care costs become too high, a dog’s quality of life can be significantly reduced or even cut short.

Ned’s Wish is dedicated to improving the quality of life of retired police and military dogs in private, post-service care. They create financial support to aid in the cost of healthcare, while providing education on the importance of caring for police and military dog retirees.

Take the story of Dag. The retired Calgary PSD K-9 was recently rushed to the ICU because his lungs were filling with fluid, making it difficult for him to breathe. When he arrived at the hospital, he was in critical condition, fighting for his life due to a severe chest infection requiring tubes to be placed to help him breathe.

Thanks to Ned’s Wish, Dag — who helped apprehend some 100 criminals terrorizing Calgary neighborhoods during a distinguished career — got the lifesaving care he needed, with doctors draining fluid from his lungs and administering multiple tests, including a CT scan, to determine the underlying cause of this infection, at a cost of at least $15,000.

Among other products, Back on Track provided Dag with a wearable mesh rug that promoted healing of an incision in his chest by improving circulation.

“Our mission is to ensure that every retired Canadian police and military service dog’s medical needs are met,” says Stacey Talbot, president and founder of Ned’s Wish and herself a retired RCMP officer with more than three decades of service.

“These high-performance canines are essentially professional athletes whose bodies have experienced extreme wear and tear while protecting and serving their communities and fellow human officers.

“The opportunity to partner with a world-renowned company like Back on Track — with their proven products that protect vulnerable dog joints to help prevent harm and to speed rehabilitation when dogs are recovering from injury — means the world to Ned’s Wish. We are very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you, Back on Track, for your tremendous support and for partnering with our ‘Cause for Heroes with Paws!’”


For more information, please contact [email protected] or Stacey Talbot at [email protected] or. Ned’s Wish is a registered charity (#738195510RR0001).

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