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EQ3 Helmets – Safety Success Stories

by | Jul 27, 2021 | News

Protecting your brain is very important when riding. Accidents happen so fast, even to the most experienced riders. We’ve all taken a good tumble.

We have received a few testimonials from riders having suffered accidents while wearing the EQ3 helmets. Here is a couple of them:

Emma Kjelson


Your Back On Track EQ3 saved my life. I was on a runaway horse, fell off at a gallop, and the horse ran over my head. This was a 1700 lb horse. Other than some lost hair, bruses, aches and pains I’m okay. 

Thank you so much for this amazing product. Obviously I will be purchasing from you again soon. 

Greatfully yours, 

Emma Kjelson – Certified Equine Behaviourist
EQ3 Helmets


Recently I had a riding accident and at the time I had one of your Back on Track Lynx helmets on. I was asked if I would share my story with you. Here it is along with a picture of my helmet. You can see the scuff marks on the helmet where I hit the ground but most of the evidence is gone as the EMT’s wipe it off to check for breakage.

Last year I was thinking about buying a new riding helmet. I went to my local tack shop, Northstream Tack in Charters Settlement, NB, and talked to the owner Karen Thomas. She told me about the Back on Track helmets with MIPS technology, the best helmet on the market to protect your brain. For me, it was expensive and I almost didn’t buy it because of the expense. I am just your average person with a horse, not into show, just riding for the love of it and pleasure. I finally decide to purchase a helmet and got the Lynx style with the dial as it fit me best. After last weekend I am so glad I did.

I was riding my horse like any other normal time. We were cantering at the time. . It was windy and I don’t if something spooked him or he tripped, I will never know. Next thing I remember is the owner of the barn where i board my horse was trying to wake me and telling me I had fallen off and not to move. I was unconscious for a minute or two. He called the ambulance, not wanting to take any chances.

At the hospital I had x-rays and a CT scan. The trauma doctor said I didn’t break my neck or my back but just about everything else. I had ten broken ribs and four fractured vertebra.. I was in lots of pain and spent five days in the hospital.

Now back to my expensive (for me) helmet. Without having this helmet with the MIPS technology to protecting my brain, I feel the outcome would have been a lot worse. I did not get was a concussion or any brain trauma even though my head was clearly hit. And obviously, I hit the ground hard enough to break bones.

I strongly urge people to purchase a helmet with MIPS technology. You never know when or if something is going to happen and it can happen so fast.

If you need any further information or wish to contact me, please feel free to do so. You have a great product that, I feel saved me from brain injury.

Shawna Rogers

Be safe out there!

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