Celebrating Moms – AKA Superwomen Of The Year!

by | May 9, 2020 | News


Let’s celebrate this mother’s day by providing comfort, healing and a forever cherishable gift to the superwomen of our lives. In honour of Mother’s day this year, we have two great promotions lined up:

PROMO #1: Buy any piece of women’s clothing and get 2 free pairs of carol panties!

Why panties? Our most forward user response has been they can help with menstrual discomfort and lower back/hip pain. And if these can help with that, then we know you will be pleasantly surprised with the rest of our ladies’ products. 

In order to get this deal:

– Add in the piece of women’s clothing to your cart.

– Then head over and add your two Carol Panties (with the right sizing) to your cart.

– Once done, use code MOTHERSDAY#1 to get your Carol Panties at $0!*Arwen pants are excluded from this deal.

PROMO #2: Get the luxurious Arwen Pants for $49!! These have been marked down from a regular price of $129!

Get your mom wrapped in comfort with the Arwen pants. Built with Iontex® technology, the Arwen pants are perfect for a relaxing day in, at the gym, or in the office. Light-weight coverage, freedom of movement and a waistband that lies flat against your skin. The Arwen pants are created with luxurious zipper details, high-quality fabric and a soft peach fuzz feeling. 

In order to get this deal:

– Add in the size of Arwen pants you would like to the cart

– Once done, use code MOTHERSDAY#2 during checkout to get your Arwen Pants at 60% OFF!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

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