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Celebrating MIPS technology, Big Savings and riding stories this International Helmet Awareness Day

by | Sep 26, 2021 | News

“My brother Ron, has worked every aspect of the Thoroughbred racing industry and is an experienced horseman and trainer who recognizes the importance of wearing a helmet every time you ride. This spring he was galloping a young horse on the farm when a low hanging branch knocked him off his horse. We can not imagine the impact of this hit! It happened at a high rate of speed. His head hit a large, low hanging branch!

I was one of the first calls he made and AMAZINGLY he did not loose consciousness or sustain a concussion even though the helmet was destroyed, and my brother has previously suffered from multiple concussions. The Back on Track MIPS helmet helped by reducing the rotational impact and energy to his brain. We can not say enough about this helmet and I want to remind riders that accidents happen and all it takes is one hit that can change your life forever. Luckily Ron is fine, and aside from needing a new helmet, and a few bumps and bruises both himself and his horse are fine.” Heather Weatherly

MIPS has yet to achieve the cachet it deserves on the annual calendar. But there is little doubt that International Helmet Awareness Day, happening this weekend — and again bringing to the forefront the importance of wearing a properly fitted, secured, and certified helmet while riding —is a must-observe occasion for pro and amateur equestrians at every age and every stage.

Moreover, International Helmet Awareness Day is the ideal opportunity to consider and celebrate Multi Directional Impact Protection System technology (a.k.a. MIPS), a breakthrough in brain safety based on protection against the rotational motion transmitted during angled impacts to the head.

This proven, game-changing technology was brought to the market via helmets carried by Back on Track. And we believe it is your best bet for minimizing head injury during inevitable falls while riding for pleasure or competition. We don’t just believe it; science backs us up. So do countless testimonials from riders.

In a nutshell, MIPS mimics the brain’s own protection system with a distinctive low-friction layer between the head and the helmet. MIPS is scientifically proven to reduce some of the energy from an angled impact, which frequently occurs in falls.

Just ask ex-horse trainer, brain injury survivor, and MIPS advocate Saara Auvinen.

“My profession was my life. After my accident, I had to rethink and relearn things as simple as walking. Thankfully I was wearing a helmet; my life was spared, and I was saved from complete paralysis. But imagine if I wasn’t? My horse-riding accident irreversibly changed my life forever. I now have brain damage and am unable to continue working as a horse trainer.

“I am now a firm advocate for the awareness and rights of all brain damaged patients and actively promote the popularity of riding helmets, and overall safety in sport, especially horse riding. Brain trauma is the leading injury to result in death or permanent disability. Don’t become a statistic because you’re afraid of not looking cool!”

Back on Track offers several helmets featuring MIPS technology. Our popular Lynx Helmet and the EQ3 both provide peerless protection and versatile wearability. In addition to offering ASTM-SEI certification and MIPS technology inside, the Lynx features removable and washable Coolmax lining, comfortable design with great ventilation, a smooth outer shell that is easy to clean, screen and chinstraps made of durable PU leather and an adjustable dial for customizable fit.

Yeah, we know there are all sorts of excuses for not wearing a helmet: I trust my horse! It’s not a western tradition! Helmets are hot, uncomfortable, and expensive! OMG, my hair!

But here’s the reality. Horse riding, while one of life’s greatest pleasures, can be very dangerous. Falls can — and sadly, often do — result in brain injuries, which can lead to permanent debilitation. Permanent. Debilitation. Think about the hundreds of things you do everyday without a second thought. Now think about not remembering how to walk.

Indeed, International Helmet Awareness Day was founded as a direct result of U.S. equestrian and 2008 summer Olympian Courtney King Dye’s 2010 training accident, during which she suffered a traumatic brain injury and fell into a four-week-long coma, forcing her to re-learn walking and speaking.

It is hoped that International Helmet Awareness Day will educate equestrians on the imperativeness of wearing a high-quality, properly fitted, secured, and certified helmet, notably one boosted by MIPS technology.

Protect your brain. After all, you only have one.

Written by Kim Hughes

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