Father’s Day 2020 Series: Aaron and Jonah (age 4)

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Human, News

Move more, feel better this Father’s Day

Like just about everything else in 2020, Father’s Day is freighted with real significance this year as we celebrate our families and our connection to them like never before… even though, in some instances, we need to be physically separated from the ones we cherish most.

As we talk with our customers, dealers, and vendors, we are reminded that mobility is such an integral part of our lives, and that the ability to “move more and feel better” is relevant both in our younger years — as we struggle to keep up with superhuman four-year-olds — and especially, as we age and old injuries compound everyday wear-and-tear.

This Father’s Day, Sunday June 21, Back on Track salutes dads across the country and around the world. We hope you enjoy this profile of an outstanding father. And if you are seeking gift ideas, consider giving the gift of comfort, support, and healing provided by Back on Track products.

Aaron and Jonah (age 4)

Homebase? Calgary

Connection to Back on Track? Well, my wife works at Back on Track. I am an outdoor education teacher and was a professional mountain bike trail builder for a decade. I wrecked myself pretty good (laughs) and so am very well-versed in the product line. I have a blown knee, a bad back, a bum shoulder. I use any and all products as needed.

How would you characterize your relationship with your son? It’s an adventure. We are both adventurous spirits, so I am trying to introduce him to the world of exploration. My whole world is outdoors and I am trying to connect him with nature and show him the lifestyle my wife and I have been living since we were kids. Our whole days are focused on going outside with our dogs, Happy and Simba and doing fun things and different things: horses, dogs, bikes, rivers. Jonah is comfortable in all those arenas and we loosen the reins to let him explore his fears and limits while teaching him how to be safe.

What does Father’s Day mean to you, especially this year? Jonah is our only son and only four so this is still new to me. But I guess it comes down to trying to better myself as a father. Much of my focus is trying to improve my relationships with my son and my wife and become that strong father we were built to be. Father’s Day is a celebration of that.

Any shoutouts to specific Back on Track products? The Knee Brace and the Back Brace are my personal favourites. I had a knee reconstruction [surgery] almost 20 years ago and have gone through my ups and downs with that. On bad days, the Knee Brace is first and foremost. I also love the shirts and socks. I recently tested out the NEW Plus Physio Knee brace, and I loved the “second skin” fit, but best of all I notice how much it helps my knee pain.

Aarons Favourites

Plus Physio Knee Brace https://botcanada.com/ca/your-health/physio/physio-knee-support.html

Socks https://botcanada.com/ca/your-health/clothing/socks.html

Shirt https://botcanada.com/ca/t-shirt-long-sleeve.html

Back Brace https://botcanada.com/ca/your-health/braces/back-brace-double-layer.html

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