Stacey Dawson

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Back on Track salutes high-performance athletes. But they aren’t the only ones benefitting from our unique Welltex® fabric which alleviates pain and improves mobility. Those living life – especially those living it large – are also some of our most cherished (not to mention relatable) cheerleaders. People like Calgary’s Stacey Dawson, a security consultant who describes herself as “just a simple person who loves the outdoors and experiencing new things” before casually itemizing a head-spinning list of adventures, most undertaken alone. “I’ve followed wolves through the Lamar Valley in Montana, gone dog-sledding in the Yukon, kayaking at Admiralty Island, and whale-watching in Alaska. I am going to Antarctica this December. I moved to Oregon for four months to be by the ocean with my two huskies and learned how to surf…” Since losing her mom at age 23, Dawson has embraced “al fresco” life. BoT® has ridden side-saddle throughout. “I love the Ankle Brace. Ever since I got my first husky, Bear, I have been rolling and wrecking my ankles,” she laughs. “I wear that thing all the time.”

Stacey’s Faves

Ankle Brace

Fight ankle pain with infrared healing



This soft, stylish Welltex® scarf can help to relieve head aches and neck discomfort