Jonathon Millar

It takes more than a dozen Word doc pages to summarize Jonathon Millar’s successes as a competitive show jumper stretching back to the dawn of the 1990s. But then, as the son of peerless Canadian Olympian Ian Millar, Jonathon Millar has been riding since childhood and competing since his teens, often alongside sister Amy Millar, also a highly decorated equestrian. What the peripatetic Ottawa-born Jonathon Millar doesn’t know about competitive show jumping could fit on the head of a pin. Which explains why, amid those countless accolades (short-listed member of the Canadian Equestrian Team since 1994, to name one), Millar and his famous family thrive operating the Millar Brooke Farm in Perth, Ontario, where Millar resides with wife and fellow equestrian, Kelly Soleau-Millar and some pretty spectacular horses that, like the Millars, rely on Back on Track for performance excellence. “The margin for error is so small in our sport,” Millar confirms. “I am always looking for innovative and safe approaches to ensure my horses are performing at their absolute best. I use Back on Track products to aid with whole-body regeneration between intense competitions to make sure my horses are in peak condition.”

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