Johnny Korthuis

There are dynamos and then there is Johnny Korthuis, whose CV would be exhausting to read were it not so dazzling. And sprawling. As an athlete, Korthuis participates commercially in sports including – but not limited to – mountain biking (downhill, free-ride, dirt jump) and rock climbing (traditional, bouldering, big wall, free solo) plus BASE jumping, skydiving, Parkour, Gymnastics, martial arts (black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do) and calisthenics. With all the free time that leaves him (wink-nudge), Korthuis also practices multi-disciplinary dance, participates in public speaking and coaching, emcees events and serves as a tree care professional at the family-run Korthuis Tree Care in Lethbridge, AB. Oh, and he’s also a father. Clearly, pain isn’t an option for the highly physical and hugely ambitious Korthuis who confirms, “Back on Track products now play an integral role in both my professional and personal life. Recovery, pain management, and training are ever-present elements in any serious athlete’s juggling act. BOT attends every show.”

Johnny’s Faves

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