Dante Camacho

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If dogs had human idols (and who’s to say they don’t?) Dante Camacho’s poster would be hanging on the inside of many, many crates. His resume is towering: agility champ in Canada, Brazil, the Americas and the Caribbean, dock diving champion, freestyle performer and instructor, Superdogs professional team member. His teaching career began 19 years ago; 10 years ago he feted his first agility workshop in Canada. Since then, he has taught dog dancing, agility, and clicker training in countries across the globe, his versatility allowing for a wide range of possibilities. And Camacho loves Back on Track. “I have been using the Rugs on my dogs for over a year now, and from the very beginning, the results have been fantastic. My dogs perform in high impact dog sports like agility, flyball and dock diving but also in freestyle where athleticism and ability are the focus. I use the Rugs to help them warm up before activities and to relax their muscles after performing and training. Sore and stiff muscles can result in poor performances or even injuries, so keeping the dogs in top shape is essential.”

Dante’s Faves

Dog Travel Mattress

Relieve your dog’s discomfort & improve recovery from an active day with the built-in therapeutic Welltex® fabric.


Dog Crate Liner

As the name suggests, this supple Crate Liner provides comfort and gentle support as your four-legged friend rests and reclines during travel.


“Hugo” Mesh Dog Rug

Like the Hugo Standard Dog Coat, this product boasts smart design for exceptional fit, with a lining containing Welltex functional fabric, while the outer layer is a breathable polyester.