Ana Mrksic

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All three of Ana Mrksic’s beloved, title-holding dogs have benefitted enormously – and quite differently – from Back on Track products. The Ontario-based insurance broker, who “stumbled into the dog sport world with my oldest Lincoln,”eventually excelling at Agility with Tuco and, most recently, with the amazing Jagger, can’t say enough about the BoT’s efficacy in combatting injury, illness and the rigors of competition. “Back on Track has made training, competing and traveling much easier for myself and my dogs. On or off the field, this amazing product keeps us in top shape! When travelling, BoT helps us keep our muscles warm, aids in cool-down after working and most importantly helps keep my dogs comfy which is great for my peace of mind. Thank you for all your support and your amazing products!”

Ana’s Faves

Waterproof Dog Coat

Keep your pets warm and agile in any weather with our top-selling Back on Track® Multi Season Waterproof Dog Coat, featuring breathable fabric and therapeutic Welltex® lining for optimal infrared healing.


Nights Collection Dog Rug

This lightly insulated Coat perfectly matches the elegant style of our equine Nights Collection Saddle Pads (because canines can be sleek, too). Shaped to protect the midsection, this Rug is easily adjustable.


“Hugo” Standard Dog Rug

A feat of design resulting in the perfect fit (and a stress-free dressing experience