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Alicia Erskine

Meet Alicia Erskine, dog lover and life chaser who founded Beachcomber Dogs based out of Sooke, B.C. Dogs have the amazing ability to imprint on our hearts, motivating us to get back up and keep moving. Life changed for Alicia when a car struck her as she was walking through a cross walk. “Little did I know how much that one event would change my life. With over a year of physiotherapy, massage therapy, and counselling to work through my injuries and PTSD, my biggest life saver were my dogs, Kona and Cali. They were my encouragement to get moving, get better, and get back to my active self.” Alicia started a business hiking with dogs, training dogs, and competing in agility as well as with Super Dogs.

After seeing others using Back on Track products she decided to try some on herself, and then on her dogs. “I started using the Back on Track® Back Brace after my hikes, after trials, even during long car rides. The relief I got from it was incredible.”

Alicia’s Faves

Neck Brace

Created to help relieve neck pain


Back Brace, Narrow Front

A top product to assist in managing chronic pain, increasing mobility, and injury recovery, this brace features elastic fit and adjustable straps. (Wide front also available).


Dog Mesh Rug

Our most lightweight and versatile Dog Coat moulds to your pet’s body shape. Ideal for aging dogs, dogs recovering from sports or injury or any canine cutie seeking snuggly comfort.