Adrian Huysman

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Maybe it’s because he’s a junior high school teacher who is daily tasked with trying to grab attention. But hiking and mountain enthusiast Adrian Huysman has a way of saying stuff that makes you tingle and really think. Things like, “My climbing partners and I have come to decide you can stay at home and feel sore and tired or you can go outdoors and feel really sore and tired… and awesome. Awesome multiplied by anything always equals awesome. It is always worth going outside.” Or this: “Something special happens in life when your recreation is stressful. You’re able to bring an adjusted attitude to every other problem you solve.” Huysman is nothing if not unstoppable; witness his response to being diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2011. He just kept going. And Back on Track® helps him stick with it. “I love BoT® products; my body craves them. I use them every day and regularly sleep in them. BoT® products help me manage nerve pain related to MS and helps muscles recover after long hikes or days spent rock climbing.” Because being active outside is awesome. Just ask Adrian Huysman.

Adrian’s Faves

Wrist Brace

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Our lightweight Socks (note their form-fitting cuff) can assist with circulation to aid mobility and comfort. A top seller for anyone on their feet for long periods of time or who suffer from chronic discomfort.


Mini Blanket Human

Uses for this highly versatile little blanket include (but are not limited to) a neck rest, a wrap for aching limbs, a back bolster while driving or sitting in a wheelchair and as a pillow overlay.